Beer. China. A year abroad.
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Married To Shanghai is my coming of age story. It’s a passion filled story that reveals the shenanigans of being a young man, a boy, really, living abroad and learning about the world and myself. To becoming a man, husband, and father.

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WHO is Logan?

In late April of 2005, I was presented an opportunity to live a year abroad in China. At 23 years old and over a weekend of drinking beer, I decided to take the plunge and move to China for a year.

I started doing massive research on China – the food, culture, people, and most importantly, safety. I went through the whole process of getting a passport by giving myself a one-day crash course and then rush ordered my passport. I left the country on May 9, 2005 for my year abroad and I stayed for 13 years. I moved back home in July of 2018.

My name is Logan Wenger, the guy who decided to see what the world was about at the ripe age of 23. I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into. I only knew I wanted to get out of my tiny little town. I wanted to see a bit more of our world. Married To Shanghai is a coming of age story. Read the rest…